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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. thanks for joining us. the bicyclist hit by an amellia woman sunday has now died. >> and according to sheriff's deputies, michael prayeder died this morning around 10:30.
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an hour of the woman who hit him. >> investigators say right after melinda woodal hit michael prayeder, she took off. now we have a good idea why. woodal appeared in court, initially charged with aggravated assault, as well as four drug charges. she was allegedly driving the blue jeep, that struck sunday afternoon. helmet was shattered, as was windshield. woodal took off and was her jeep. when deputies arrested. and along with clonasdaepam and
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in anderson township, rich jaffe, local 12 news. >> charges will soon be upgraded. and what woodal says was responsible for the crash. former security chief makes his first court appearance this afternoon on child porn charges. police arrest robert marshall last week. detectives say the 52-year-old has dozens of pictures on his computer. and today, a judge set bond at $25 thousand and ordered marshall to have no access to private or public internet. also classified marshall as a level three sex offender. he remains under home incarceration. he's allowed to look for a job. cincinnati police are stepping up the effort to reduce violent crime. last year, saw the number of shooting skyrockets. this year, already seen nine homicides. >> i'm extremely confident. i know we have capable and
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the efforts. i think we have tremendous amount of buy in the community. and i think we have the support for the academic community that really tell us that our efforts and strategies are sound and viable. i'm extremely confident we will have some of that. >>nd a chief elliot isaac appeared before the cincinnati law committee. and it's called pivot. it stands for place, safe investigation territories. the department has identified hotshots, neighborhoods across cincinnati. while the plan targets drug dealers and organized plan. step-up is an initiative to reduce violence. >> if you have a fire in your home, a different fire department than the one you call may show up.
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the help will get there quicker. cincinnati fire department plans to begin what's called automatic mutual aid. and under the system, the closest fire company or ambulance response regardless of jurisdiction. the city will run into anderson and vice versa. fire chief, and although that will take a little longer. >> and lockland. only thing i'm waiting for with them, starting their paramedic program. and they have to be in their standards this em in the cincinnati. cincinnati citizens are expecting a certain level of service. they have to provide that. that's where we stand for that. >>nd a the chief also told council, there's an unusually high number of retirements since last spring. some firefighters rethink their careers, following the on-duty
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jeff hirsh will have more on paula? >> bond is set for $102000 for a man. and robert reeves is charged with aggravated robbery, assault and resisting arrest. reeves is accused of robbing the shell station on saturday. police say he told the clerk he had a gun and made up with a carton of cigarettes. k-9. reeves attorney told the court, his client is schizophrenic and bipolar. and reeves had a cell phone, not a gun. the future of five local apartment complexes, buildings that are previously declared public nuisances. meyers away from the property and landlords there. instead, an independent operator known as the receiver.
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we know the operator will be no house properties. this started following hundreds of complaints from residents and nearly 2000 code violations. more than a million dollars of repairs and security measures are needed. well, decent day today. and we may have a little warm up in the future. that may come with some problems. scott dimmich in the no way weather center. >> temperatures are falling into and for the 40s this evening. then close to 50 today. some in the lower 50s. and we're still warmer than average by 10 degrees. we start this evening with clear skies. and we'll add some clouds in the mix. some clouds will increase gradually overnight with temperatures settling into the mid 30s. this is somewhat of a shock to a system after topping out between 60-65, the last two afternoons. 30s will feel awfully chilly. overnight lows tonight, will be above average for the first day
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we have no rain or snow to track on live precision doppler hd. we have lines of showers coming through. late last night and early this morning. the network of radar, everyone is dry and clouds are decreasing. temperatures range from the mid 40s in wilmington to around 50. and in the international airport. coming up, we're quiet tonight. clouds gradually return tomorrow. while we have scattered showers developing, our focus is on rain and thunderstorms tuesday night. there will be the potential for at least some strong to severe storms in the ohio valley. we'll discuss where the highest threat for severe weather is tomorrow night. plus we'll talk about the return of colder air in time for the start of the weekend. more of that in 10 minutes. >> you have blood.
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>> first at 4:00, new safer >> butler county sheriff wants to make sure some of the on-line purchases are safe and easy. starting today, the county jail on hamilton is a safe swat zone for anyone dropping off and picking up items like craigslist
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the officer started to offer the service after an assault, in a meeting he decided to buy video games through craigslist. it is today through friday. the university center. donors will get vouchers for free pizza from domino's. >> living with rheumatoid arthritis is a challenge. living with ra is an active person in your 20s is disheartening. >> holly firfer, making the best of the situation despite the pain. at first glance, the in feccious smile and positive energy, she appears to have it all. looks are deceiving. she's in pain on a daily basis. >> started with her knee. >> thought i twisted it. unbeknownst to me, injured it.
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somehow aggravated the unknown injury and it got worst. >> soon after, other knee started to hurt and the wrist body. she went to the doctor and received a shocking diagnosis. >> many people think rheumatoid arthritis is a joint disease but it's not. it's a systemic disease. >> for a woman who was just getting started in life, she had to make a decision. >> this is the hand i've been dealt. i'm not going to sit down and let it defeat me. i'm going to persevere, go with the flow and make the most. >> the fact i have a disease is not going to stop me from enjoying my life. >> the good message here, patients with rheumatoid arthritis could lead normal lives. >> for today's health minute,
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funding to cure cancer. firefighters are busy for hours this morning. right now in the tri-state, clouds are moving out. we see a powerful low pressure
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for some, it will produce snow.
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in a commercial building in los angeles earlier today. you could see the huge flames coming from the building in the glasso park neighborhood. crews say propane cylinders, stored in the building helped to fuel the fire. managed to get the flames under control, knocked down the fire. it's not clear how it started. >> president obama will ask congress for 755 million for cancer research in the next year's budget. bringing the total price tag for the cancer initiative to one billion. the money is for new programs at the national institutes of health and food & drug administration. and funds will support research in immuno therapy, combination therapy, early detection, and vaccines to protect viruses. and sharing the first meeting, which will be a new federal task
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>> i loved going out and running today. >> you didn't run today. dog needs to lose weight. >> and kind of. >> and knowing your dog. your dog is just cooler than the other side of the pillow. >> lays there, cool complaisant. >> cool dog. >> sun's out. take a dog for a walk this evening. do something fun. and tomorrow night, showers and thunderstorms will be moving in, especially between 9:00 p.m. it will be dark. we'll have storms coming through. i'm not too concerned for the risk of tornado. and it will liking be a weakening line. at least we arrive. let's discuss tuesday.
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we'll have some clouds. and weather authority app, wkrc is what cares for. and update the forecast there. it will be updated again, later tonight as the forecast evolves or changes. college hill, we find lots of sun. few clouds still roaming across the valley. temperatures 49 out in college hill. wind will be turning out in the southeast early tomorrow, that will help to bring the temperatures back to 60 tomorrow afternoon, early tomorrow evening before showers and thunderstorms move in. we're dry tonight. no worries for anything other west. if you have late evening plans,
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get in the way. scattered showers developing in the afternoon. perhaps the back end of the morning. and eventually we pick up showers and storms tomorrow night. i suspect most of the showers and storms will be after sunset and after you finish dinner. there's a threat tore strong and severe storms tomorrow night. the best threat of severe weather will be south and southwest of cincinnati. and madera, 47. international airport is up to 51 degrees. take that down, all the way to 35 early tomorrow morning. the warmth we have in the weekend, has been in the south. and it will return tomorrow. we will make a run close to 60 tomorrow evening. in the 50s tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will rise all the way through tomorrow evening, tomorrow afternoon and even to tomorrow evening. clouds are moving out in the ohio valley.
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of missouri. those are arriving in the tri-state, beginning late this evening, especially overnight. we will have thickening clouds tomorrow. once we get close to lunch. no risk, for severe storms. tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon. that will have to wait until tomorrow night. nice change of pace, after dealing with showers, late yesterday early this morning. we have no precipitation, track of radars. high pressure is breaking down. close enough, where we stay dry. clouds will be returning gradually in the next several hours. and by mid-morning tomorrow, notice some showers and storms going up along ahead of the cold front tomorrow night. looks like the strongest storms will be down to the southwest. whatever develops there, will be in the tri-state. when i say weakening, some
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the tendency for storms, the trend is weakening storms tomorrow night. some will pack a punch and front moves in the east, as we get to wednesday. at this point, lowest threat of the severe weather, tri-state, well east of cincinnati. this is the main threat of severe weather will be. western kentucky, what develops there tomorrow afternoon, will move into the tri-state tomorrow night. prime time for severe weather, looks at the center between 9:00 p.m. we may tweak the timing as new data comes in. at this point, the threat level will be aware, possibly will be tomorrow. no concern, showers and thunderstorms tonight. down to 35, early tomorrow morning. 55 is where we are tomorrow morning. the high will be set in the evening. temperatures may drop a degree or two.
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through well before sunrise and temperatures fall through the day. highs in the 30s and 40s later this week. weekend forecast, at this point, quiet and peaceful. and talk more about the specific threats. look at damaging winds. give the you hour-by-hour timing coming in a bit. >> thanks, scott.
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working hard . >> car in suv slammed into each other. paramedics responded to anderson in delhi township around 5:30 this morning. we found one of the vehicles, when they arrived. a word on how badly the people were hurt in the accident. 13 thousand children in foster home >> 11 thousand are waiting for adoptive homes. and perry schaible shares a story is beating the odds. nadia, adopted at 3, placed at foster care at 13. years. the story is not about giving
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face of adversity. she got accepted to american university, george washington, university of virginia and a few others. then the situation once again reared its ugly head. nadia couldn't afford the tuition of american, her school of choice. the university of cincinnati stepped in. >> they reached out to me, college was probably not going to happen. that's very unfair because i earned it. a lot of kids aren't earning it and someone has to do something. i want to be one of the people that wants to make it happen. >> last month, nadia started the spring semester. she is majoring in political science and studying international affairs. not all foster children are as fortunate. between the midwest study, 10-20 percent of foster kids, start higher education. only 3 percent graduate with a bachelor's degree. she says she wants to prove
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people could accomplish. >> a lot of people let the circumstances define what they do and where they go. i don't want to be one of the people. no matter where you come from, you could always get where you want to be. >> she has one goal to graduate. she still talks to her adoptive mother. she says she doesn't blame her mom for placing her in foster care. they have come to an understanding, the best place. >> and how about deciding in merry moments.
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virus declared an international what super poligrip does for me
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before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. >> 40 weeks away, 40 weeks from tomorrow, voters will head to the polls, to decide who will be the next president of the united states. today in iowa, candidates and their supporters spending the day to get the vote out. democrat hillary clinton brought breakfast to thanking her campaign voters in des moines.
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>> clinton is in a dead heat with senator bernie sanders in the latest poll. sanders says coming out on top depends on one thing. >> we will win if the voter turnout is hyped. >> the polls show, the caucus, sanders and republican donald trump benefits. >> it's crunch time; right?. >> in waterloo, trump thanked his supporters. >> hopefully we will have the beginning on what is a certain way a positive resolution. >> trump is leading the g.o.p. track, leading senator cruz who held his. >> and if we stand together, we can do it again. we can restore the last stench for mankind. >> andrew, caucus for obama, three weeks ago, became a republican citing what she calls
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like many in iowa,wise spinning is yet to decide. >> and stay with local 12 news for continuing coverage. at 5:30, we will talk with scott feldman, about the last minute campaigning there and tonight at 11:00, we will share the caucus results. two virginia tech students accused of the death of a 13-year-old girl has made their first appearance in a courtroom. david eisenhower made a brief appearance. charged with first-degree murder and abduction in the death of 13-year-old nicole madison level. police found her body near the virginia north carolina border. police aren't saying how or why she sended up dead. and they are helping to depose of a body. . and we're following a neighborhood crime alert in rose lawn. a man remains hospitalized from a late night shooting. the police say the man was shot twice in a parking lot in glen
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last night. detectives aren't sure what led to the shooting and don't have a suspect. if you can call police, you're asked to call crimestoppers. you don't have to give your name and you could give cash for your tips. >> this weather, it's so spring like. and i want to saver today. let's check in with meteorologist, scott dimmich. >> we will get some spring-like storms. we have a risk foreseeing strong and severe storms tomorrow night. tonight, we're nice and quiet. if you have plans, 8:00, 10:00, rolling through the midnight hour, at best. we pick up some high level clouds. clouds are picking up now. clouds start to return late in the evening, with temperatures falling down to around 40. overnight, we'll settle into the mid to upper 30s with more clouds arriving. at any point tomorrow,
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initially they were stray. they were isolated in the afternoon and we'll upgrade that to scattered late in the business day tomorrow. we're not expecting any rough rms sto, tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon. next opportunity foreseeing thunderstorms, will have to wait until tomorrow night. especially 9:00 p.m. on tuesday and 2:00 a.m. on wednesday. as i mentioned moment ago, clouds are marching out of the tri-state. clouds well to the west of the tri-state will start to move into the ohio valley, nearing midnight and especially after midnight, as low level moisture will come to the west, southwest. we have no rain to track. and temperatures, as promised will be around 50 late in the business day. really summer in the upper 40s. south and southwest of cincinnati. we're warm and windy. showers in the morning and afternoon. there will be widely scattered to scattered.
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be the risk for strong to severe storms especially south of cincinnati tomorrow night. we'll address that and talk about the return with colder air but with sun in the planning forecast. that comes our way in 10 minutes. scott will check back. fears of the zika virus, and with that, held an emergency meeting. >> mosquito born virus is suspected of causing severe birth defects in babies. jonathan la puc is in brazil with the latest. world health organization is declaring an emergency. the zika virus is spreading -- >> the clusters of miko cyphaly constitute an extraordinary
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>> and it causes babies to be born with abnormally small head. so far in brazil more than 51 cases are reported. dr. chan says while the link is still not scientifically proven, there seems to be a strong relationship. >> all agree in the need to coordinate international effort to investigate and understand this relationship better. >> brazil is getting really aggressive to stop the spread of zika. they will go in there to spray the mosquito bred. well. i hope a healthy baby. >> health officials estimate there may be as 4 million cases of zika in the americas the next year
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department reiterated the warning, telling pregnant women not to travel to areas where
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>> google tests and new way t t is. >> one of the kind designs for a 12 ounce bottle. the campaign is called mine.
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prices pull energy companies down. the dow jones industrial dropped 17 points, nasdaq climbed 6 points. boeing 737 max took to the air on friday, in the inaugural. engineers boasts on the aircraft's efficency, less noise, luggage room and fuel savings. the 737 max is the fourth generation of the 737 series. nearly 3 thousand orders worldwide have been placed for the plane. company wants to hire 20 master builders to make sturdy, complicated, safe, installable lego models. hiring process will include a lego buildoff. deadly shooting in denver shuts down the largest motorcycle expo.
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to be involved are speaking out. they tell us what led to the deadly confrontation monday. vendors clear out and clear early. >> people hiding behind the cement barrier. >> the city shutting down the motorcycle expo, after rival motorcycle clubs got into a club that escalated into shots that fired murder. >> and they came down the hallway. one of the guys turned around right here. >> one man died and seven other were hurt. no arrests. even though we saw this man, wearing an iron jacket, held on. law enforcement. >> we have not verified, absolutely no part. absolutely not from denver. >> police are investigating whether they could be other law
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>> fact of the matter, motorcycle member, shot and killed a mongals motorcycle members. >> and they said iron members start add verbal and physical altercation. >> there is no need to pull out weapons and escalate it just because we're losing a fist fight. >> they say it was a the mongals with the fight. >> everybody gets along. >> and not yesterday, when fist fights grew into gunfire, left one man dead and left in jeopardy the future of the 38 year event. >> again, police haven't
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that shot and killed . >> from terrorism alert desk in washington. dozens are dead, after a terror attack by bowca harm. the village is near the largest refugee camp for those displaced by the terror group. isis is responsible for a triple bombing, killed at least
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attack happened in a damascus suburb. two other suicide bombers targeted onlookers and medics that were responding. >> saudi authorities arrested four americans. four americans were arrested monday. five others in the last four days. the state department says it's aware of the arrest. from the state department in washington, i'm jonathan elias. more and more parents are playing video games with their children. they interviewed 3 thousand parents. found 95 percent of kids who play video games play along them. the majority recommend kids to play with consoles which is easier to monitor. more than three quarters, the primary reason, to spend time with their children. that makes sense
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>> cammy durkin joins us with the developing stories. >> interesting stuff. one is a local story with an international twist. chinese businessman, in jail, because after case in dearborn county indiana. it is a sting operation, setting up in lawrenceburg. and charges alleged that the goggles are fake. deb dixon tells us how and when the arrest went down at 5:30. hamilton police look for clues in a series of attacks in the same sem met teary. and larry davis will have more on the case. and local woman loses her son to gun violence. they are grief is compounded with money problems. she was shocked to learn that
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insurance policy. she has valuable lesson she wants to share with everyone. i'll be back with rob at 5:00. taking a look at the traffic. i-71 in red bank. it's slow going north. that's for sure. it is clear. it's another beautiful day. we have part of a beautiful day, huh. >> at least some filtered sun to start. not much in the way of showers tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon. our attention is focused for the threat of severe storms tomorrow night, especially between 9:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. at least for right now, at least for tonight, we are quiet. a lot of people wanted to carry above average. lots of sun, college hill,
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oxford, we have not made a stop. so far, first at 4:00, temperatures 46. no clouds in the sky, miami university. we'll look at the atrium weather cam, in covington. atop the radson, looking in the northeast. lots of sun. we're quiet tonight. clouds moving out and we're likely to be clear and mostly clear this evening. clouds start to return, gradually overnight and early tomorrow much once we get past, 10:00, 11:00 tomorrow morning. showers will start to develop for some. not affecting all. initially, they will be stay or spotty. showers become bit numerous in the afternoon. as we're telling you for days, there's a threat for stronger storms tomorrow night. enjoy what we have now. it will not last in the next 12-48 hours. current temperature now, international airport. at this time yesterday, dew point around 50.
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that's suggesting that northerly winds have brought in dryer air, likelihood, any rain close to cincinnati is extremely low. at best, we'll pick up some clouds early in the evening. current temperature at 51. the queen city down to 35 overnight. highs tomorrow will be achieved around midnight tuesday night, 60 degrees. we'll roll to the 30s and 40s tomorrow morning. we'll keep rising to tomorrow night, until the main line of showers and thunderstorms comes through. all sorts of rain from new york down interstate 81. all sorts of problems in the making of the plains and interior midwest. blizzard warnings, blizzard wars of watches from des moines to sioux city. we will get cooler air late in the week. the same system that produces
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in parts of the plains, will not be making us snow. instead we'll be in the warm end of the system. right now we have no rain to track on live precision doppler hd. i promised you about 30 minutes ago, we will go by the hour-by-hour timing on showers and storps. first, no tonight. some clouds start to sneak in overnight. we're clear to mostly clear around midnight. then clouds increase overnight and early tomorrow. notice in the forecast model, 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, showers start to develop. and while some will see showers back in to tomorrow morning, also tomorrow afternoon, we will have to wait until tomorrow night, until the big area of showers and storms comes through. i suspect you are seeing in the model, 10:00 tuesday, some discrete cells that try to develop in the main line. i hope that doesn't happen. those tend to be the trouble makers.
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storms will be marching through between 9:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. storm prediction center, still has much of the tri-state in a slight risk for severe weather. lower threat for severe weather. marginal risk, east of cincinnati and the bull's-eye for severe weather, evansville, indiana. louisville, kentucky points to the south. and we get the leftovers in the weakening mode. some storms are strong to severe by the time they get here. and strong storms are a possibility tomorrow night. especially between 9:00 and 2:00 a.m. the main concern, tornado threats are in play. i suspect a brief tornado will be most likely if they occur in the ohio valley. that's a secondary threat. i want to reiterate that. 35 is where we will be. 55 is where we are by the close of business tomorrow. we're close to 60 tomorrow night
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line of showers and thunderstorms comes through early wednesday. down to 28, to start thursday. cooler air, the back end of the week. the sun returns. did the planning forecast coming up, in about 15 minutes, live at 5:00. >> thanks very much. to the south carolina, lawmakers introduce a bill that will allow teachers and administrators to carry guns there. >> and it will prevent firearms on school grounds of the state. if a gunman comes to the school of migrant, a teacher with a ruler can't defend her class. >> and with the proper training, let's face it, gun-free zone sign is essentially saying. and chances of our kids being gunned down are remote, by introducing loaded weapons in the classroom or increasing the chances of our kids being shot,
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there's some teachers out there who shouldn't be teaching, let alone carrying a gun. a long distance on-line romance meets with a quick, quick marriage.
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. >> they planned to get married only minutes after they met in person. . >> we are going to be like, there he is. >> and ericka harris of murretteta anxiously waits outside the ontario airport friday night. she's about to marry the man of her dreams, she never met in person. >> you don't drag your feet for true love. >> she and randy connected instagram. call it love at first click. #problem. and their romance with poetry and video. >> i love you. good night, baby. >> ari bought a one way plane ticket. the two planned to elop when she
4:48 pm
erica is getting nervous and we got the phone call that ardy landed. >> and travelers look on in anticipation. then. >> nice to meet you. >> oh, my gosh. hi, i'm ericka. don't drop me. >> and ardy pops the question. >> will you marry me. >> and the two still in disbelief, quietly exchange vows. >> really exciting. it's surreal to be part of this experience. >> instant wedding and instant success. the advice for love seekers. >> don't listen to your thoughts. don't listen to your head. follow your heart. follow your soul. >> for anybody who doesn't believe in fairy tales any more, who am i? it could happen to you. >> we want to follow-up, 10 years. >> you think it will ten? >> you know, they have a 50-50 shot, no matter what, anyways
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>> and we're back at 5:30. rob and cammy, >> police chief outline an initiative to reduce violence. details on the plans to make local neighborhood safer. >> good news for thousands of drivers, cameras designed to catch speeders. and it is not just for guys anymore. nfl phantom at the super bowl. this is local 12 news, live at 5:00. >> hour-by-hour forecast, from the weather authority. this is local 12 news. >> now we're looking at location that could contribute to violent crime. we will hold them accountable criminally. >> the top cop outlines the latest crime to cut violent crime. good evening, everybody. location, location, location. time worn phrase used to describe the value of real
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